After touring some of the most beautiful spots in Sri Lanka, not to mention some of the finest tea gardens in the world, it was time for the team to head back to Colombo. Sri Lanka is a country made for road trips. There’s always something to look at orĀ  to click away; be it breathtaking scenery, interesting people or just the quaintness of a life in the tropics.

The journey back to Colombo was long, stretching on the for hours at end. The only stopover was in Kandy where the team visited the revered Temple of the Tooth Relic – the crown jewel of the city and a place of worship for Buddhists from all over the world who flock there every year in hundreds and thousands. The structure, which over looks the serene Kandy lake, is so typically of Kandyan architecture and was the King’s Palace when Kandy was home to the last of the monarchy in Sri Lanka.

Making their way amidst the milling crowds, the team perhaps saw a different facet of Sri Lanka. The old and young clad in white visited the temple to offer their prayers with sweet smelling jasmine and incense. The temple was more crowded than usual with it being the the day of the full moon, referred to as the ‘poya‘ in the local dialect.

The team was back on the road shortly after lunch. It was late in the night when they got back to their hotel in Colombo to stretch their legs and ready for the final day of the Mixologists and Teamaker programme.