Bols and Dilmah invited us over for what we all truly consider as a once in a lifetime experience.

The past week was a roller coaster, but one that does not really tend to go down.  Every highlight is followed by another one. Once you think you have seen it all there comes a new exceptional adventure.

There are a lot of things to be told about Dilmah.  The overall organization is flawless, with a very warm welcome.  You feel the limitless passion and dedication in Mr. Fernando and his two sons Mr. Dilhan & Mr. Mallik.

I could tell you about the stunning cruise, the overwhelming tea plantations, the adventurous safari.  The several cocktail events we hosted and the countless things we learn day to day.

But I feel more like expressing what really touched my heart in this hard business world most seem to be creating.

Whilst most companies are only about the $, they could learn a thing or two from Dilmah. A minimum of 10 % of their profits go back to the community  Fair enough, they talk the talk, but do they walk the walk?  Well, it`s an eye opener how they treat the environment, their staff, the nature, humanity, …

You should take a look at “Changing Lives” is not just a cheeky tag line.  It`s what they undoubtedly achieve.  There is the elephant orphanage program for instance or the center for kids who are less gifted as most of us. In that last center they are fully supported and educated, while integrating creativity in art but also computer science. They radiated friendship, love and happiness. There are 16 tea estates throughout Sri Lanka, each having a medical post and an ambulance, with free consults. The charts showed an impressive decrease of casualties and diseases since this project. They frequently educate their staff on health issues. Cost of this all to their employees?  € 0, $ 0,  රු 0.

Dilmah is setting an example, an example that should be followed!