Although mixologists have a very broad knowledge on all types of beverages, tea is a drink most of them barely know. It’s not that the’re not interested in tea, there’s just not much information available. Most tea brands do not feel the urge to spread the knowledge, but nine lucky mixologists are invited by the one tea brand that actually has a focus on sharing the ins and outs on this 5000 year old beverage. Dilmah welcomes this international group to Sri Lanka to show them what tea is really about.

We’re about half-way on our journey,¬†and the¬†mixologists are preparing for their second visit to a tea estate. After visiting Endane, a typical low-grown tea estate, the next stop will be Craighead Estate. This is where the latest seasonal flush has been picked and this estate is also known for the famous and rare Ceylon Silvertips. They will learn all about the characteristics of mid-grown teas. The elevation on which a tea grows has a great impact on the flavor profile of that tea and this will be an opportunity for the mixologists to understand the great variety in tea. They will get a chance to put the theoretical lessons received during the first two days to practice.

So far this journey has been an unmatched experience for them, going from place to place and preparing new tea-based recipes on the spot with ingredients picked up along the way. Tasting is understanding and it’s great to see that they come up with more and more new ideas as we proceed on our way. Cocktail bartenders are used to working with strict measurements, different tools and more intense ways of preparing a drink so as their knowledge grows, so does the quality of their tea cocktails. It’s a pleasure to see them work, their passion for taste and aroma, and their love for fine drinks is a guarantee for a good show. I’m anxious to find out what the result will be on our gala night next week when they will show their skills in Colombo. But first we have some really exciting days ahead of us in this intense experience, as we are changing the way they look at tea forever…Day-002-007